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Welcome and thanks for coming to my new home. My name is Emanuel Bod and this is my personal website. Below you will find details about each section of my site. I hope you will find interesting things and that you will enjoy your stay here!

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Find more details about me and my life:
  • my personal information,
  • my CV / Resume,
  • my photo album...

This section contains:
  • a list of services I can provide: translations, web site design, Romanian collectible items,
  • business opportunities for investments in Romania,
  • resources for Internet marketing, affiliate programs,
  • music and movies online shopping at CD Now...

A collection of facts about Romania
  • geographic data,
  • touristic objectives,
  • Facts and fiction about the most famous Romanian character: Dracula,
  • Romanian literature,
  • Romanian language lessons
  • Romanian news...

A small collection of links to interesting and useful sites, grouped by categories:
  • search engines,
  • Web page design resources,
  • guides and tutorials,
  • software to enhance your Internet experience,
  • free stuff,
  • Romanian sites,
  • sites worth visiting...

Search the Web
This section contains resources for searching the Web:
  • the major search engines,
  • a page with search forms from search engines so you can search the web directly from my site,
  • the Total Web Search Page: use up to four search engines simultaneously from only one page.

Contact me
Your suggestions, comments, opinions, ideas are welcome:
  • My email address, telephone number, and fax number,
  • A form to send me messages,
  • My guestbook...

Site map
This page describes every section and page on this site. You might want to look at it first to know how to get the most out of what's on my site, or to quickly find what interests you.

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You can also visit these other sites I have designed:

My Literary Site about Romanian literature
My Fan Site dedicated to my favourite actors and singers
The Romanian Young Translators Association (ARTT)

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